How to place an order

Step 1 – order


In order to place an order on the product page you should select the interesting amount of the product’s pieces and add them to the cart.

> 1 piece is a minimum order quantity  (for example: the minimum order quantity of Choco Cube chocolates is 2 000, that is 1 piece of the product includes 2 000 chocolates; if you want to order 4 000 chocolates, you need to buy 2 pieces of the product).

> The price given on the product page refers to the minimum order quantity with the basic colour option, including the costs of making the project of graphic design and preparation for the printing process.

Step 2 – pricing


In order to get any details regarding the order and graphic design, please contact us via contact form, e-mail or by phone. On this stage we need information on the type of printing and the number of colours (options given in the product description) and packaging (e.g. colour, type – available options given in the product description).

> Please note that only the written quotations prepared and sent individually to you constitute the binding commercial offers as defined in the Civil Code. They are valid for 14 days from the date on which they were drawn up and after that time another confirmation of the product price and availability is required. The prices given by phone, newsletters, materials available online, etc. are for information purposes only and they do not constitute a legally binding offer. The prices included in our offer are net prices.

Step 3 – graphic design


In the case of contracting the graphic design to us, please send us the following materials:

- logo or other graphics in the form of vector graphics (files in .ai or .pdf formats) – please do not send us .jpg and .gif formats

- texts converted to curves or send as text files (in the .doc or .txt formats) or font files (preferred format: Open Type)

- photos (preferred format: .TIF, possibly .jpg with the minimum level of compression) – resolution 250 – 300 dpi, CMYK colours


> We also ask you to give us information as detailed as possible regarding your expectation towards the graphics (style, colours, etc.) – it will help us to make the projects that will fulfil your requirements.


Now we are offering a basic project of packaging for FREE for all our projects!

If your project requires any individual approach and creation of original graphics – please contact us, such project is always priced individually.

> The graphic project will be send to you for its final approval before the order fulfilment. Any delays concerning the project approval may cause delays in the shipping and delivery, for which we are not responsible. After final project confirmation we will not accept any complaints regarding the previously approved content.

Step 4 – order fulfilment


After the payment is made and the graphic project is approved the order is forwarded to be fulfilled, which takes at least 14 working days. The order will be send to you via the courier company. At present it is not possible to collect the order personally.