Let us introduce to you our Christmas Offer. Products that are revealed here with addition of occasional wrapping seem to be the best choices during this magical time. A Reminder of your company in customers houses during Christmas Eve? Yes, but only with good taste. These sweets are quarantee of success.

Delicious chocolates with orange crust, frosted gingerbread in trolleys, or maybe cookies in wooden boxes? The range of choice is wide and full of attractive sweets.

We hope, that this proposition will fulfil your expectations for promotional sweets during Christmas time. Bear in mind, that this selection is only our suggestion, we can make an occasional graphic design for almost every product in our shop. In case of interest in other sweets - feel free to contact us!
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Buty  z nadrukiem na masie cukrowej 5 cm - 100 szt
Buty z nadrukiem na masie cuk... €100.28 To shopping cart
Choinki 4 - brzegi z nadrukiem na m. cukrowej - 100 szt
Choinki 4 - brzegi z nadrukiem... €102.89 To shopping cart
Dzwonki z nadrukiem na masie cukrowej 7cm - 100 szt
Dzwonki z nadrukiem na masie c... €104.20 To shopping cart
 Snieżynki z jadalnym nadrukiem 9,5cm - 100 szt
Snieżynki z jadalnym nadrukie... €161.56 To shopping cart
Baton z motywami świątecznymi
Baton z motywami świątecznymi... €228.43 To shopping cart
Smak grzanego wina
Smak grzanego wina €255.45 To shopping cart
Kalendarz Adwentowy XS
Kalendarz Adwentowy XS €264.39 To shopping cart
Gwiazdki ciasto czekoladowe z jadalnym nadrukiem 12cm - 100 szt
Gwiazdki ciasto czekoladowe z ... €270.23 To shopping cart
Belgijskie pralinki w puszce - 50 szt
Belgijskie pralinki w puszce -... €294.57 To shopping cart
Domek z piernikami
Domek z piernikami €299.78 To shopping cart
Czekoladowa śnieżynka
Czekoladowa śnieżynka €309.20 To shopping cart
Kuferek z pralinami
Kuferek z pralinami €313.74 To shopping cart
Kalendarz Adwentowy Mini
Kalendarz Adwentowy Mini €324.37 To shopping cart
Ciasteczka w czekoladzie - 100szt
Ciasteczka w czekoladzie - 100... €328.89 To shopping cart
Marcepan w czekoladzie deserowej
Marcepan w czekoladzie deserow... €335.37 To shopping cart
Francuskie Trufle
Francuskie Trufle €340.39 To shopping cart
Ciasteczek w pudełku Mr. Cookie - 100szt
Ciasteczek w pudełku Mr. Cooki... €343.78 To shopping cart
Mega ciacho
Mega ciacho €346.72 To shopping cart
Mini Choinka
Mini Choinka €347.10 To shopping cart
Gorąca czekolada Maxi - 100 szt
Gorąca czekolada Maxi - 100 sz... €354.54 To shopping cart
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